Hello, adventurer.

Choose your desired Kar for the journey. Available now in two primary makes:

Word Nerd

Perfect when you want to spark interest and action from your audience!

Maybe you want people to buy your products. Or maybe you want them to sign up for your service or even newsletter. Heck, you may want an order of those—and much more. Whatever the case, hire a copywriter! (Specifically… me)

Already have text written, but feel like it needs a tune-up? No problem. Hire a copyeditor. (You guessed it… also me)

Disabled Powerhouse

Ideal when you need disability-related input and/or insight on your project.

For instance, you may have a piece of text (e.g., web copy, a script or book) you want edited to make sure it’s okay for the disabled community (i.e., a sensitivity reading) before it launches. Why not use my lived experience as a disabled person to get ya there?!

Or perhaps you’re also disabled and looking to collaborate—how exciting!

Who is KarLeia, anyway?

Photo of Karli Drew
Photo of Karli Drew. Her hair is wavy and bright green. She’s wearing a dark purple dress with lace. She’s outside where there’s a clear sky, green grass and it is daytime.‬

Karli Drew, aka “KarLeia”, is a freelance writer, activist and wheelchair-user. If she was a flavour, she’d be spicy (which is more of a sensation than a flavour, so there’s that). She began working for a webzine at age 16 and soon after found her callings: writing, seeking disability justice and making groan-inducing puns. Usually all at once.

Obligatory list of specialties: copywriting, content writing, copyediting, disability inclusion consulting, disability-focused sensitivity reading, and coffee-drinking.

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